You can do anything.

what does a girl has to do to get a nice armor and an awesome kickass longbow?

thelastcon: I'm in love with your theme, but I can't seem to find the credit. Can you tell me who the theme maker is?

thank you dear, you’ll find it here the first one.


*sees a cat* *gasps loudly*


 | videogame graphics battle | vs. augustinebrooke

round six; a female character (miranda lawson, mass effect)


plot twist: humanity learns from its history

Anonymous: what are some good gaming blogs to follow?

make me chooselilerilala asked: Red or Aurora?

face me foul beast! We are not afraid of you, not in the least.

i have a great idea for a dragon age inquisition edit but i can’t find the right pictures god frigging dammit!?!?!

because lucifers in hell and you’re the only one that came

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